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Follow our adventures as we raise a tiny flock of chickens in suburban Bexley, Ohio.
Our chicken bloggers include Tami Taylor, a Welsummer, and Tyra, a Jersey Giant.
RIP, Betty, Joan, Sally & Peggy.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sally is molting

No, I mean really, Sally is *molting*. At least I hope that's all that this is. We can see her skin both on her back and at her backside. It's line the skin of a chicken you'd see at the supermarket: all goose bumpy and pink. Joan molted last year, but it wasn't anything like this. I hope she gets her new feathers in before it gets too cold or else we're going to have to knit her a sweater.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karen and Peggy

Philosopher friend Karen came to visit for the weekend, and made it a point to come out to see the chickens. She got to meet all the ladies, but Peggy had the honor of posing for a photograph with her.

The chickens enjoyed some time outside of their run during Karen's visit--they scratched around for some worms (it's been rainy) and gnawed at some grass and clover, and, generally, behaved like chickens.

Sally has been molting these last couple weeks. She's been losing feathers on her head and on the back of her neck. She doesn't look great at the moment, but when the new feathers come in, she should be back to her beautiful self.