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Follow our adventures as we raise a tiny flock of chickens in suburban Bexley, Ohio.
Our chicken bloggers include Tami Taylor, a Welsummer, and Tyra, a Jersey Giant.
RIP, Betty, Joan, Sally & Peggy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sally gets the run of the yard for a little bit

Sally is on the loose, getting used to the back yard for an hour or so before a brief introduction of all the ladies. She's eating all the grass! This girl can not get enough grass. She's scratching things up like a chicken will & doesn't seem stressed...yet. I'm sure there'll be drama when all three of them get together.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Joan meets Sally

Here Joan, who is not happy about the arrival of Sally into the yard, tries to peck at her through the wire. We're hopeful that a few days of exposure to each other will smooth the feathers.

Our new lady

Peggy & Joan got a new pal today: Sally the Golden Laced Wyandotte.
Joan is a Wyandotte, too, but silver laced. So far P & J aren't too
happy about it, but Sally is safely behind wire in her own little
make-shift pen. We'll keep them apart but visible to each other for a
few days, or until Joan stops rushing the gate.
Sally comes to us from Karen's family in Bexley. They got 6 chicks
early in the summer & are ready now to pare that down by a few. We're
thankful to get a healthy pullet who was raised with a lot of
handling. I think she'll be a good chicken.