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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby chick set up: less than $70

Our baby chicks are snug in their set up in the garage. 60 bucks covered the following supplies:

  • Lamp w/ infrared bulb (to keep the box at ~90 degrees)
  • Chick feeder & 50 lbs of chick feed (though with just 3 of them, an empty, shallow can probably would have worked just fine as a feeder)
  • Waterer (we got one big enough to work when they're full grown)
  • Pine shavings for months
  • Electrolyte powder which was completely unnecessary
  • Day 1 gel food that they didn't touch (went straight for the chick food)
  • We had the big plastic tub already
  • We had a digital thermometer, too
I can't believe that's all you need to take care of tiny lives.

We can start to feed them treats in a week or so, but nothing that would require grit in their gizzard, yet. That limits us to yogurt and hard cooked egg. Something feels wrong about feeding them egg, though. Right?

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