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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sally gets the run of the yard for a little bit

Sally is on the loose, getting used to the back yard for an hour or so before a brief introduction of all the ladies. She's eating all the grass! This girl can not get enough grass. She's scratching things up like a chicken will & doesn't seem stressed...yet. I'm sure there'll be drama when all three of them get together.


  1. They'll work it out. I wouldn't worry too much. There will be running and squawking and some feathers will fly. It might be over very quickly, but if there are large amounts of blood, or if the two gang up on Sally and REALLY attack her then separate them. I'd put them in the yard together rather than enclosed in the coop until they figure it out, that way it'll be harder for her to get cornered. Giving them something nice to eat together might give them something else to think about. Their brains are the size of a pea, so don't let yourself over-think their behavior. :)

  2. Excellent advice--thanks! The older two attacked her briefly, then ignored her for a time, then attacked her, then ignored her, and this repeated two or three more times during the 30 minutes or so that they were together. How soon before we can let them sleep together?

  3. I need some help in getting chickens legal in my area, would you be willing to help? If so, please call me Petra at 614-746-2115. Thanks!