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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello Delaware!

Delaware, Ohio, our sort-of neighbor, is considering the chicken issue.  It seems there are many Delaware residents who are interested in owning a few pet hens, and a few Delaware residents who are concerned about the unknowns.  I'm so pleased that, for the most part, Delaware seems to be fully exploring the issue with patience and amicability.  Way to go Delaware!  If I can be a resource, or if City Council wants to take a field trip to our house, please let me know!

When others come to our website, I always feel compelled to (1) invite them over to check out the chix in person, and (2) explain/apologize for how our back yard must look in photos.  Please understand that the pictures of the chicken run are shots of a small area on the side of our house.  The area is probably 5x24 ft (I'm terrible at estimating).  We've packed too much into that area, but it's all behind privacy fencing.  If we had this run out in our yard, in view of the patio, we wouldn't have loaded in nearly so much.  For example, we would've thought twice about that second (unnecessary) chicken coop.  In fact, we're moving in 2 weeks to another house in Bexley, and I'm already thinking twice about that second chicken coop.  How on Earth are we going to move all this chicken stuff?  I suggested making a Conestoga wagon out of a kids' red wagon and dragging them to the new house, but I've been vetoed :)


  1. I found cardboard boxes to be good chicken moving crates. I once moved a huge Buff Rock rooster 4.5 hours in a station wagon in a box. He talked most of the way but he seemed content and calm and the cardboard will not damage the feathers if the bird does flap around excitedly. Maybe one bird per box, though. :) And congrats on the new place!

  2. Good tip! We moved Sally in the cat carrier when we brought her home, but then there's all the cleanup. And a box is darker, which they'd probably appreciate.