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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Chickens

Did Disney ever make Snow Chickens? They should've. It turns out the girls love the snow. I'm pretty sure they think the flakes are falling bugs - regardless, they're into it.
So far winter hasn't fazed them. Their water is often frozen by morning, but a gravity-waterer full of tap-hot water in the morning seems to stay liquid through the day.

Yesterday I stopped by the feed store and bought the last chick-feed these ladies will need. Next up: layer mash! I also got 50 lbs of scratch (~$15) & a heated dog bowl (~$25) in case it gets really cold. I'm not sure how the dog bowl will work, exactly. I'd envisioned setting the chicken waterer into the bowl, but the bowl is too small. And just setting water out in the dog bowl would result in fouled (fowled?) water in about 20 seconds flat. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


  1. What about some pictures of the snow chickens? We want to see snow chickens! Three snow chicken princesses is just what Disney needs!

  2. Perhaps you should write to Disney with the idea for a snow chickens movie! :) It would be funny and you would probably get a cut from the money made! I mean... if they made a movie about a robot who cleans up trash on Earth....they should deff make a snow chickens movie!!! Starring your girls of course.