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Thursday, December 9, 2010


A giant THANK YOU to the citizens of Bexley & our City Council for passing an excellent set of revised pet ordinances last night. Our chickens are now legislated.
Here's the rules (more details to come soon, when I have more time):

-No roosters
-No selling eggs
-Must have a coop that's shielded from the street in front of your house
-No more than 5 combined dogs, cats, chickens (with not more than 3 dogs) per household
-Must get a permit within 6o days

The permit process is TBA, but it'll be free and most likely low key. Basically, if you have the good sense to figure out how to keep your chickens healthy and happy, you'll be fine.

This was not the most important issue that Council discussed yesterday, so it was dealt with pretty quickly and matter-of-factly.

This new pair of ordinances makes Bexley one of the most chicken-friendly suburbs around.


  1. "-Must get a permit within 6o days"

    Is that 60 days from the time of that meeting, or maybe 60 days from the arrival of a residence's first chicken?

  2. 60 days from when you bring them home. Are you thinking about spring...?

  3. We have no firm plans. I just didn't want to miss out on a finite window of chicken opportunity. Thanks to you and Andrew, all of Bexley folks can raise hens when the time is right. I appreciate your efforts.